We are having a fundraiser in aid of Days for Girls New Zealand. All proceeds will go towards the purchase of required fabric and other materials needed for sewing the sanitaryware kits made by the DfG teams around New Zealand, which are then sent to hundreds of thousands of women in over 110 countries, who would otherwise go without.

We have a goal of collecting a minimum of $500. Funds will be collected in 3 ways.
1. A fundraiser lunch – This will also serve as an event to create more awareness
2. A raffle draw – Tickets will be priced at just $2 each. Some amazing items have been donated to us as prizes for the raffle.
3. A silent auction for a lovely cake from Cakes with Love.

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The Fundraiser Lunch

Date: November 1, 2019
Time: 12.30pm – 1.30pm
Venue: TBD
Special attraction: The New Zealand Director of Days for Girls, Helen Griffin will be attending. She will also be telling us a little more about the work she and her teams do as part of DfG.

Raffle Draw

The raffle ticket draw prizes have arrived… happy happy

Winners of the raffle were drawn at the lunch by Helen Griffin -0 Director of DfG New Zealand.

The poster for the silent cake auction; which will be happening at the Fundraiser lunch on the 1st of November.

The cake was auctioned off at $40. The voucher received by a very happy winner.

A few photos from the Fundraiser Lunch