I haven’t done a post cantered around food yet, so I thought it’s time that I did. I have recently come to love trying out various recipes and creating yummy (and healthy) things for my family. So I thought it was perfect to do an article combining some easy and delicious recipes I have found along with the topic of Zero Waste – since we are in the midst of thinking about more sustainable living practices and starting to take small steps in the right direction to reduce our individual impact on the world.

Please note: The following recipes are not my own, I found them all on my travels around the internet. Unfortunately, I don’t know the names of the individuals who created them to give them due credit, so I need to specifically mention that they are not my own.

Our everyday snacks are one area in which we see a lot of throw-away plastic and non-biodegradable wrapping. So by simply switching our store-bought (and over-processed) snacks for natural or homemade (and healthy) snacks, we are able to drastically reduce our contribution to non-biodegradable landfill.

Not only is zero waste good for the planet it’s also extremely good for the wallet, and it’s, of course, better for our bodies. Win-Win-Win.

  1. Fresh Fruit and Veg – Super easy and very minimal to no prep time required.

Starting off with something super easy; especially if you are strapped for time, plus these snacks come perfectly wrapped in natural packaging. Leave the skins/core to be composted.





Orange and other citrus fruit

Plums, Peaches, Nectarines (if it’s summer)


Sliced bell pepper


Taking your snacks with you: Cut them up and place them in glass jars/containers. Keep it refrigerated and just grab it as you head out the door.

  • Other easy snacks – that don’t require much prep time

If you have a bulk bin store near you, go check them out. You might find,

Trail mix

Nuts and seeds

Dried fruit

Chocolate covered stuff

Once again buy them in bulk and store in glass containers. Keep these containers with you at work or take along with you. If you can’t carry heavy glass containers around with you put a handful into some clean, reusable fabric bags and take with you.

The following snacks need a little more prep time but are super easy to make and they are much healthier for you as you can see what goes into them. There are no preservative or colouring involved. Plus I’d bet it costs less than buying pre-prepared and pre-packed versions.

  • Homemade potato chips. Click here for the Recipe
  • Popcorn. Click here for the Recipe
  • Oven-roasted Chickpeas. Click here for the Recipe
  • Hummus. Click here for the Recipe

Do give these a try. Any little step we can take to reduce our waste is a big achievement. Plus, remember these are all healthier version, so your body will be thanking you and as an added bonus (literally), you don’t spend as much either.

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